Want your kids to spend more time outside?

Let me share with you outdoor activities for kids of all ages that are easy to plug into a busy schedule with minimal stress and effort!


Hi, I’m Audrey and my passion is to help make it easier for busy parents and educators to get their kids outside.

You don’t have to spend countless hours rummaging through the internet trying to find outdoor activities your kids will actually like.

Join me as I share all my outdoor activities for kids, nature crafts, backyard play ideas, seasonal activities, nature printables, outdoor learning tips, and more​ right here on Our Days Outside.

Through creating fun and engaging outdoor experiences, I believe we can help the next generation of kids have healthier and happier lives.

- audrey


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And no worries; you don't have to be super outdoorsy! Keep in mind that some of the best memories can be made in seemingly mundane places. Our own backyards and cities are perfectly viable options.

Let’s not allow a desire for grand adventure in faraway places prevent us from creating wonderful outdoor memories with our kids, right here, right now.

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