15 Best Kid’s Books About Spring

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As much as I enjoy winter activities with my kids, I’m definitely looking forward to spring! And even though the weather won’t be on the same page as me for another couple months, one way to help the wait is by reading books about spring! Looking through the pages of all these books almost makes me feel as if spring is here!

From flowers blooming to bird eggs to catching leprechauns, these books cover all the best things about spring! It’s also a great way to introduce your kids to the going’s on of nature in the springtime! And I dunno about you, but reading about it just makes me want to get out and experience it firsthand!

If you’re looking forward to the changing season, get started with these 15 books about springtime!

1. Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

One of my favorite books about spring, this is a beautiful illustration of all the subtle changes that occur in the transition from winter to spring!

2. Busy Spring: Nature Wakes Up

Children and their father explore the backyard garden after a long winter. Beautiful illustrations and great use of sensory words make you feel as if you’re right there with them!

3. Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms

Fletcher the fox takes in all the sights and sounds of spring in the forest!

4. When Spring Comes

Simple but beautiful language that utilizes repetition and alliteration combined with beautiful imagery make this one of the classic books about spring!

5. An Egg is Quiet

Learn all sorts of interesting egg facts and see beautiful illustrations of their colorful variety in this wonderful book!

6. Robins!: How They Grow Up

A list of books about spring has to include these familiar birds! Chances are you’ve seen robins out and about building their nests as the weather starts to warm up! In this book, you can learn all about what they’re up to!

7. Birds, Nests & Eggs

Bring this book along on your next spring nature walk and use it to identify different birds and their nests in addition to lots of extra interesting tidbits along the way!

8. Sugar Snow

In this Little House on the Prairie picture book, Laura recalls maple sugaring time during her childhood in the woods of Wisconsin.

9. Sugarbush Spring

Join a little girl and her grandpa as they tap maple trees in the forest to make syrup!

10. How to Catch a Leprechaun

The funny rhymes in this book will inspire your kids to set traps and catch a leprechaun (or two) of their own! We got this one just in time for St Patrick’s Day and my little dude love it!

11. Worm Weather

This delightful book of rainy day fun is perfectly suited for toddlers and younger readers! Just as long as you’re prepared to take them out to search for worms and splash in some puddles of their own once you finish reading!

12. The Tiny Seed

Follow along on the journey of seeds as they become dispersed! Many become lost along the way, but eventually one lands in just the right spot and takes root.

13. Little Dandelion Seeds the World

Learn all about these familiar little flowers and how the seeds are able to travel so far!

14. In the Garden

This delightful book contains interactive flaps you can lift to reveal more information about plant and animal life that thrives in the garden!

Book cover with garden flowers- 15 best books about spring

15. Planting a Rainbow

See how seeds and bulbs planted in the fall can become a rainbow of colors in the spring! The textured cut-paper collage images might just inspire you to plant a rainbow of your own!

These books about spring are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to learning about the natural world in springtime! Now that you’ve read these, head outside to witness it all for yourself!

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