5 Festive Ideas for a Backyard Spring Picnic!

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With warmer weather heading our way, a spring picnic in the backyard is in our near future! While I love adventuring away from home, the backyard is still one of the best places for a picnic. There’s no packing up or lugging food around AND you can spend some time setting up your picnic area with a few nice touches.

I love making things into a festive mini-occasion sometimes, even if no one is coming over. So grab the kids and have them help you plan and set up your own spring picnic! Here are five ideas to get you started:

1. Choose a warm day.

The first step is to choose the right day. On our first attempt, it was really cold and windy outside. In fact, it even snowed a little bit and we almost ended up having another winter picnic! Needless to say, we didn’t last long. It’s essential for your spring picnic to happen on a day that actually feels like spring!

I know in some places (including where I live) the weather can be a bit spotty and hard to predict through the month of April (and even into May!). But it’ll be worth it to wait for the perfect day so you can really draw out the experience and enjoy it!

2. Set the scene.

It’s time to choose the perfect spot in your yard! Maybe you already have a table set up somewhere on a deck or patio. Or maybe you just want to spread out a blanket on the ground somewhere. This was the option we chose since we don’t have any patio furniture.

Then I placed a small wooden crate in the center with a simple tea towel on top to act as a makeshift table.

Whenever we have a spring picnic, I also like to set up near a flowering bush if at all possible. They’re just so pretty and don’t last for very long, so I really try to soak them up!

3. Add festive touches.

This is the part that you can really spend some time on if you’re looking for activities to do. There are so many cute spring project ideas out there! Start with a bouquet of flowers on the table, then find some pretty spring themed napkins and plates, or create some homemade banners.

These flower cupcake toppers are adorable and they’re perfect for creating spring picnic vibes! Get creative and dress up your picnic as much or as little as you want!

And, of course, you can’t go wrong with mason jars full of real flowers scattered around! (Although you may want to forgo this one unless you’re sitting at a solid picnic table.)

4. Choose simple, easy to prep foods.

For picnics, we like to stick to snacky, easy to eat foods that are low prep. We went with deviled eggs, an assortment of fruit and veggies, plus some cupcakes topped with pretty sprinkles. Although this year I might just have to make a spring picnic assortment like this gorgeous snack board.

And if you happen to have some sort of serving tray to prepare all your food on so it can be easily carried outside, we found that to be super helpful!

5. Let the kids help.

My little guy loves to “help”, so he helped mix up our cupcakes! If your kids are a little bit older, let them help with more of the decorations, food prep, gathering jars full of flowers, or setting the table. Chances are, they’ll be super excited to help with the setup and will have ideas of their own! And knowing that you had a hand in creating the actual experience makes it so much more enjoyable and rewarding 😀

Have fun planning your very own spring picnic!

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