Hi, I’m Audrey and my goal is to help you create lasting family memories with fun, simple, and educational outdoor activities for kids.

My husband, Brad, and I live with our four-year-old boy in southeastern Michigan.

We were living in an apartment in the city when we had our son Finn. As he grew older and began to explore the world around him, I started to think about the experiences I wanted to make available to him.
Spoiler alert: most of them revolved around being outdoors. I have so many fond memories of playing outside from my own childhood, and I was determined that he would have them as well.

So I started to be more intentional about researching outdoor activities for kids and making sure we got outside.

To be honest, it was really hard! It required a lot of planning and a great deal of effort to create the sort of nature inspired activities that I wanted to do.

And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this struggle since it’s no secret that kids don’t spend very much time outside even though the health and developmental benefits are well documented.

So to help promote getting our kids (and ourselves!) outside more, I started sharing all the ideas and activities that my family does right here on this blog!

You don’t need to spend hours of your own time trying to find fun things for your family to do outdoors.

Let me provide you simple and actionable outdoor activities for kids that are easy to plug into a busy schedule with minimal stress and effort!

And no worries; you don’t have to be super outdoorsy! There’s an adventure to be had for everyone, so I hope you’ll join us!

Keep in mind that some of the best memories can be made in seemingly mundane places. Our own backyards and cities are perfectly viable options.

Let’s not allow a desire for grand adventure in faraway places prevent us from creating wonderful memories with our loved ones right here, right now.

On that same note, I would encourage you to use outdoor time as a time to connect and be fully present with your kids.

Appreciate and admire nature together. This can be a great time of minimal distraction, so take advantage of it. Look your kids in the eyes and converse with them.

Don’t miss out on opportunities to exist with them on the most basic human level. Some of our absolute favorite memories thus far have been moments when we’ve done exactly that.

At the end of the day, I don’t think any of us will regret setting aside distractions to connect with the ones we love most.

Now let’s get outside and create those lasting memories!

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– audrey

Outside Activities For Kids