5 Irresistible Fall Campfire Essentials

I’m a big advocate of having festive fires year-round because each season has something unique to offer. But the fall campfire just has to be my favorite! There are so many ways to make it a memorable experience. Here are the essentials:

Warm Food
I just figured I’d start with the obvious one, ya know? And since fall is known for all its delicious comfort foods, the options are endless. If you want something fairly simple that you can make ahead and serve by the fire, my family sticks to this simple routine:

  • chili + cornbread (or any type of bread)
  • brats (for roasting)
  • pie (apple, pecan, pumpkin)

S’mores Station
S’mores are kind of an essential for campfires in any season. (That’s safe to say, right?) These fall-themed S’mores ideas look pretty amazing!

Hot Drink Station
You’ve probably heard about hot cocoa bars, but how about a hot cider bar? Check here for some yummy ideas. 

Cozy Things
Since it’s a bit chillier than summer campfires, add cozy chairs, blankets, and pillows for extra snuggly warmth. If you really want to set the scene, add some warm string lights and scatter pumpkins everywhere. You can’t go wrong with more pumpkins. 

Whether kids are involved or not, games are always a good idea! If you want a little something more than just bobbing for apples, check out these ideas. 

Did I miss anything? Tell me about it in the comments!

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