15 Kids Nature Printables for Easy Outdoor Activities

Oh hey! It’s been a couple of crazy weeks, so this is the first post I’ve managed since all the COVID-19 stuff really hit the fan. I know the outdoors aren’t technically off-limits YET, but we’ve still been sticking mostly to our yard.

And while I’m super grateful to even have a yard, it’s still pretty easy to run out of activities day in and day out.

I wanted to share these 15 kids nature printables with you because I imagine a lot of people are in the same boat! I actually created these last year for the purpose of having simple, go-to activities at the ready! And I completely forgot about them until a few days ago!

You can do these in your backyard, neighborhood, or at a nearby park, which makes them perfect for the current situation! My little guy generally enjoys being outside. But when there’s a limited amount of people and places to interact with, it’s so easy to get bored.

He was extra excited when I showed him one of our scavenger hunt nature printables! He just needs a mission and he’s good to go!

Depending on where you live, it may still be too early for a couple of these. But that just means you’ll have a few to use a little later in the spring! We tried out the scavenger hunt and were pleasantly surprised at the number of things we were able to find!

kids nature printables
We definitely didn’t expect to see any flowers so early!

At first glance, the woods where we live still look pretty brown and dead. It was fun to have a different focus on our hike that forced us to slow down and look at the details. We noticed so much more than we would have if our goal had simply been to reach a location.

Here are some of the other kids nature printables that we did last summer.

I’m personally looking forward to the leaf rubbings and the nature color pallet a little later in the spring! Those never get old. We do them again and again, and they look completely different each time!

I hope this can be of help to you and your family during all this craziness, I know it has helped us immensely! I think Professor Slughorn from Harry Potter said it best: “These are mad times we live in. Mad!”

Pandemic aside, these nature printables are a must in my household now. I found that by having these activities ready to go whenever it seems my idea machine is slowing down, I’ve been able to decrease planning stress and increase the fun!

I included activities for kids ages 2-10+ so there is something for everyone. Keep an eye out for any opportunities to discuss basic concepts (colors, shapes, time, textures, plants, wildlife, etc.). It’s amazing how many educational moments can come from simple conversations with our kids.

So make sure to grab your free kids nature printables below and get outside with your family! Did I mention there are 15 of them 🙂

Looking for other activity ideas? Check out this post where I cover 8 preschool activities that utilize nature and promote learning outside.

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