Magical DIY Twig and Flower Crown

I just can’t get enough of flower crowns! They’re so pretty and there’s literally a million different ways to make them. You can use fresh flowers, artificial flowers, dried flowers, it doesn’t matter…THEY’RE GORGEOUS AND I LOVE THEM!

They’re perfect for dress-up, Halloween, May Day, birthdays, parties, weddings, photoshoots (particularly those that are of a woodland or fairy nature), or any day when you and/or your child are feeling a little extra.

For this particular flower crown, I wanted to use a combo of twigs that I literally picked up from our backyard and some dried flowers. You can dry your own or just take a short cut and purchase some that are already pressed and dried for you. I can’t believe how such simple materials can come together into something so stunning (if I may say so myself)!

Have I convinced you that you need one (or several) of these in your life yet? Here’s how to make a magical flower crown in just a few easy steps:


1. Tape cardboard strips together.

Depending on how long your strips are, you may or may not have to do this step. Cut the strips approximately an inch thick and tape them together until it’s a length slightly larger than the circumference of your child’s head. I had to use a total of three strips to get the right length for our flower crown.

2. Cut and glue twigs.

Use small pruning shears to cut your twigs to the preferred size, then use the hot glue gun to start gluing them on! I figured out where the front center of the flower crown was going to be and place my tallest twigs there, then started making them shorter as it tapers off to the side. I also laid out all my twigs first to make sure I like the arrangement and then started gluing after, but it’s totally up to you!

3. Glue on the flowers.

Next it’s time to glue on the dried flowers! I also laid these out before I started gluing just to make sure I liked the direction I was heading in. When you’re all finished, go back and clear away any strands from the hot glue gun that are visible.

4. Add final touches to your flower crown!

This step is completely optional, but it really adds some pizzaz that puts this flower crown over the top! Paint mod podge or glitter paint onto exposed areas of twigs or flowers, then sprinkle with glitter and add nature confetti. I painted on top of my little confetti stars as well to help preserve them and keep them in place. The mod podge will dry completely clear, so no worries!

One note about the mod podge: When I applied it, it seeped in between twigs, so after it dried, the crown was pretty rigid and wanted to hold its straight, flat shape. I had to go back and gently break apart several twigs so that the flower crown would bend into a circular shape.

Close up of little girl wearing flower crown made of dried flowers and twigs.

5. Glue crown into circular shape.

Once the mod podge has completely dried, use your child’s head as a guide and glue or tape it off into a finished circle. And that’s it! Your little woodland fairy is ready for that photoshoot, party, or just a really good session of imaginative play!

And just in case you need some inspiration, how cute is this fairy themed woodland birthday party?

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