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Preserve your family’s favorite outdoor memories with our nature journal! Map out activities, establish traditions for each season, record memories as they are happening, and capture some of your kids favorite recollections afterwards. Don’t miss out on capturing those precious childhood memories!

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Preserve your family’s favorite outdoor memories!

Here at Our Days Outside, one of my favorite things to do is provide you with ways to get outside and enjoy nature with your kids. But what about a way to preserve those memories that we work so hard to create? Sometimes it’s easy to forget the little things in each moment, like something sweet or funny our kids said, or time spent together that meant the world to them.

That’s why this journal was created! We wanted a place to capture memories and our son’s favorite recollections afterwards. It has also helped us establish traditions to do together as a family year after year! The journal is divided up by season and covers the course of a year. With each new season, there’s a place to map out activities, pages for capturing favorite moments, space for recollections afterwards, inspiring nature quotes, and cute nature elements spread throughout.

This journal can be gifted to kids who are old enough to write on their own or used as a tool for parents and educators to converse with younger kids and record precious memories. It will make a great keepsake to look back on years down the road! If you’re making an effort to create a beautiful childhood for your kids, don’t miss out on capturing those memories!

ℹ️  Instant digital download for printing and binding
ℹ️  Great gift for parents, kids, or educators
ℹ️  29 pages, PDF file
ℹ️  Includes both US Letter and A4 Document sizes
ℹ️  Printing: you can bind your journal by using a 3-hole punch and binder, spiral or coil bind, or saddle stitch either at home or through your local office supply shop (like Staples)
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