10 Great Business Ideas for Kids!

Everyone’s familiar with the concept of the classic lemonade stand. But if you want to take it a step further, there are tons of great business ideas for kids out there! I know kids generally regard summer as the time of year when they can play all day. As they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

But I would argue the opposite is true too. It’s so incredibly beneficial to teach kids how to create value and get rewarded for it! (Which is how we explain the concept of work to our little guy.)

To be clear, play is also incredibly important for kids, especially unstructured play. It’s how they learn about the world around them! But I’m all about balance, which is why a little bit of work mixed with play seems like the way to go!

And there are so many great business ideas for kids out there! Why not help them get one started this summer? This list focuses primarily on businesses that would allow (or require) kids to be outdoors (because that’s kinda my thing, if ya didn’t know 😀 ).

Another great thing is that these ideas are so versatile they can literally be applied to kids ranging from age 3 into the teens. And even if you only play at the idea of having a business with younger kids, the seed has still been planted. Here are ten business ideas for kids to get you started!

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1. Sell jewelry.

This idea is pretty broad and yes, a bit overdone, but it’s something that people will continue to buy until the end of time. Also, it’s fairly easy to make and there’s plenty of room for creativity. Here’s an idea for some unique nature necklaces your kids could make and sell! This wire-wrapped rock necklace is another neat but simple idea for kids who are a little older.

2. Lemonade stand.

As I mentioned earlier, this is THE original of all business ideas for kids. But that’s not to say it should be dismissed! Lemonade is a fairly simple product that they can help you whip up and put in a pitcher. Here’s an idea for a simple diy lemonade stand made from crates that your kids could enjoy playing with afterwards!

3. Fruit/veggie stand.

This one is another one of the business ideas for kids that plays off of the stand idea. If you have a garden, this one could be for you. Most people I know with a garden often have way more produce than their own family can handle. Why not let your kids sell the extra?

fruit stand- business ideas for kids

4. Flower stand.

This is one of my favorite business ideas for kids! Flowers are something that people are always buying, and they’re often willing to put down a hefty amount for them. If you really want to go for it, make a space in your garden next spring and plant a small cut flower garden.

Or, if you already have a big enough sampling of flowers to go around, let your kids pick and arrange their own bouquets. Wildflower bouquets are also an option! Create a stand and put out a sampling.

flower stand- business ideas for kids

5. Lawn mowing.

This is one of the business ideas for kids that is especially well suited to teens. This can actually become a fairly lucrative business! Get the word out among friends, family, and neighbors first. They can also use this app to find customers in your area.

close-up of lawn mower sitting on grass- business ideas for kids

6. Furniture making.

This is one of the business ideas for kids that might sound like a bit much, but it’s what our three-year-old chose! We obviously were the ones doing the majority of the work, but he loved helping us measure, put in the screws, sand, and paint everything!

However, if your kids are a bit older, this is a super valuable skill to learn! Not to mention furniture is a product you could potentially sell for a decent amount of money. Start simple with some very basic furniture, like this side table or some of these ideas that you can make with crates.

Or consider other simple home decor, like a hanging rack or a rope basket. I could go on, but you get the idea. The possibilities are endless!

7. Car washing.

This is a great summertime opportunity when it comes to business ideas for kids! Cars are always getting dirty, and all they’ll need is a bucket, some soap, and a sponge!

boy washes car- business ideas for kids

8. Dog walking.

This is yet another one of the classic business ideas for kids! Kids love dogs, right? And how many people do you already know who have a dog and would probably pay to have someone take them for a walk or play fetch? Not to mention that the only thing you might need to buy is a leash, although most dog owners would probably already be able to supply that.

girl walks dog in park- business ideas for kids

9. Sell a simple craft.

Try bird houses, wind chimes, sun catchers, garden pavers, etc. (Yes, I’m choosing all outdoorsy crafts, but feel free to go anywhere with this.)

10. Yard work.

Have your kids go around the neighborhood and offer to bag up sticks, pine cones, and other yard debris for people. Older kids could even take on some basic landscaping tasks. Offer to water someone’s plants while they’re away on vacation. This one can even extend into fall and winter with leaf raking and snow shoveling, making it another one of the great business ideas for kids!

close up of rake and leaves- business ideas for kids

How you can help.

Help them brainstorm some ideas.

Sit down with your kids and see what ideas they might have! My little guy woke up one day and was just dead set on having his own furniture business. (I think he got this idea from Papa Bear in the Berenstain Bears 😀 ) We also have this adorable book about a bulldog who creates her own fruit stand, so he’s already familiar with the concept of having a business.

Make sure to go over the concept of not just selling what YOU want, but coming up with a product or service that you know people want or need (the concept of demand). Narrow it down based on what you have access to. Also take into consideration the amount of time, effort, and cost of each idea. Then, choose the one that seems to make the most sense!

Make a list and gather necessary supplies.

Once you’ve chosen, the first thing to do is gather your materials. This is when you’ll want to go over the concept of profit margins. Explain that you have to figure out the cost of your materials plus the time it takes to create the product. Using that info, you’ll need to set a price for your product to make sure that you’ll actually make money.

Develop and implement a marketing plan.

Marketing is an essential concept when trying out business ideas with kids! This will vary depending on what you actually decide to sell. You may be able to take your product to a physical location and sell it. But the most effective marketing is now taking place online.

Why not create a little product flyer on Canva or a picture of what you’re selling (plus your kid’s smiling face) and put it on Facebook? People that you already know are probably the best place to start anyway. Make sure to be clear about WHAT you’re selling, HOW people can get it, and include a call to action.

Red flyer with pictures of furniture- business ideas for kids
This is the super simple ad we helped our little dude make on Canva! He chose the name, colors, and even took the pictures of his prodcuts!

Make products.

If you’re actually creating a physical product, it’s time to start making! The best approach is to only create a small sampling, then advertise your product and have people place orders. This way you create as people order and don’t waste time making things that won’t get bought.

If you’re offering a service like dog walking or lawn mowing, now is the time to gather all of the items you need.

small boy helps dad with power drill while building table- business ideas for kids.
Helping dad with the screws for his tabletop.
small boy wearing mask and gloves while sanding table top as part of furniture making business- business ideas for kids
small boy paints table he's building- business ideas for kids
Painting the table was one of his favorite parts! He didn’t want any help 😀

Start Selling!

Once your child has actually made a few products, it’s time to let your little mogul start selling! Take a picture of their flower bouquets, vegetable sampling, craft items, etc. and put that on your Facebook page or even text them to people. See if you can get a lineup of people to stop by. Nothing kills a child’s spirit more than sitting out by the road all day with no customers. Not to mention that method of selling is dead anyway.

Hope you felt inspired by all these business ideas for kids! Now get out there and see what your own little entrepreneurs can come up with!

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