10 Easy DIY Christmas Crafts Using Nature

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Does anyone else out there love making their own decorations for the holidays!? I already love using nature for crafts and decorations, and this makes so much sense at Christmas time! Natural elements just lend themselves so easily to a multitude of DIY Christmas crafts!

There are so many benefits to making your own decor around the holidays! It’s a great way to get outside and look for fun nature elements with the littles, it teaches them to be resourceful, and it’s free 😉. Plus, every time I look at our decorations, there’s a memory behind each one!

So if you’re ready to get crafty with the kiddos, here are 10 easy DIY Christmas crafts using nature!

1. Pine Cone Trees

diy christmas crafts: pinecones standing up with star on top

Pine cones are one of my favorite things from nature to use for DIY Christmas crafts! These are some that I left plain, but they’re super cute once the kids decorate them with colorful little pom balls! Here’s what you need:



  1. Hot glue the pine cones to the wood slabs so they stand on their own.
  2. Use the hot glue gun to attach the stars to the pine cone tops.
  3. Apply dabs of Elmer’s glue to different “branches” of the pine cone trees and let your kids decorate with the felt balls!

2. Twig Star

This is one of the super versatile DIY Christmas crafts that can be used in several different places! Put it on top of the tree, hang it on the door, or place it around the house or on the front porch!


  • 5 slightly flexible straight sticks (willow works well)
  • twine
  • evergreen clippings
  • ribbon
  • pine cones
  • berries
  • any other decorative nature items!
  • hot glue gun


  1. Follow these instructions on how to tie your sticks together to make the star.
  2. Bundle your greenery and berries together and tie onto your star with ribbon.
  3. Glue on pine cones and any other decorations!

3. Wreaths

This is one of those DIY Christmas crafts that’s ACTUALLY easy for kids to do, and the results are beautiful! You just need some cardboard cut into a circle, rubber bands, and pretty nature. Here’s how.

4. Painted Acorn Ornaments

We love collecting a stash of acorns each fall to save for potential crafts throughout the winter. (Sorry squirrels.) And it’s a good thing because these acorn ornaments make one of the cutest DIY Christmas crafts! Your kids get to do some painting, you get to add a dab of glue here and there, and boom! You have some adorable (and shatter proof) ornaments for your tree. Check out the specifics here.

5. Pine Cone Reindeer

Gimme all the googly eyed animals! Who knew pine cones could be so adorable?



  1. To be honest, you’re pretty much just gluing with this one. Using the picture as a guide, glue on the eyes, ears, antlers, and nose in the appropriate place.
  2. Once the glue has dried, let your kids play with them, decorate the house, or put them on the tree. This would also be a fun craft to pair with a book about not the reindeer. And if you’re growing weary of Rudolph or just think he’s a bit overrated, try this one.

6. Mini Christmas Tree Garland

This tree garland is probably one of my favorite new DIY Christmas crafts that we tried this year! I love the contrast of the colorful felt balls with the natural evergreen. Here’s what you’ll need:



  1. Flatten your cardboard boxes and draw the outline of a Christmas tree. We used a variety of sizes and shapes! Make as many or as few trees as you’d like depending on how long you want the garland to be. 
  2. Cut out your Christmas trees. (If you have young kids, do step 1-2 before involving them.)
  3. Head outside with your kids and have them help trim some cedar, gather small twigs, and collect colorful leaves.
  4. Make your leaf confetti by cutting out several small circles with a hole punch. (If you don’t have access to any colorful leaves, sequins can be substituted!)
  5. Bring everything inside and lay out all the decorating supplies on your workspace.

Decorate your trees:

  1. Cover the cardboard trees with a squiggle of glue and layer with cedar. 
  2. Next, trim your twigs to fit the tree stump and glue them on.
  3. Put random dots of glue on top of the cedar and decorate with the pom balls, stars, and confetti, then let dry completely.
  4. Once the trees are dry, glue them to a strand of twine with a dab of hot glue on the back. 
  5. Hang up your Christmas tree garland and enjoy!

7. Twig Snowflakes

These are adorable and easy! I’m also a fan of decor that can stay up throughout the winter. Because we need some extra cheer in those long dark months, don’t ya think? Here’s your portal to a winter wonderland.

8. Evergreen Needle and Clay Ornaments

These are absolutely gorgeous and make such a great keepsake ornament! Check them out here.

9. Dried Orange Slices

These are some of the easiest DIY Christmas crafts ever, and the colors are so lovely! For a pretty variety , purchase grapefruit or blood oranges in addition to regular oranges. Slice them up and bake for 6-8 hours at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Once they’re finished, string them up individually as ornaments or create a garland!

10. Stamped Wood Slices


As you might have guessed, this one’s pretty simple! Just grab some Christmasy stamps, stamp them onto the slabs, and string them up!

If you enjoyed these DIY Christmas crafts, check out these homemade fire starters!

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