5 Fun Leaf Raking Ideas to Try!

November is for raking up all those leaves that were so fun to look at in October. I know for a lot of us, this is just another chore to get through. To that I say, let’s make leaf raking fun again!

If you have a yard with trees in it, this is pretty much your lot in life every single year. Why not enjoy it? Not to mention, your kids will be much more willing to help if you approach it from that perspective.

Here are 5 ways to turn leaf raking into an exciting event to look forward to each year:

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1. Provide toys/supplies for the younger kids.
One of the best ways to make leaf raking fun is to provide younger kids have their own rake, wheelbarrow, etc. so they don’t feel left out. If they have the right tools, they may even feel inspired to “help”.

This is the garden tool set that our little guy has, which includes a rake. My three-year-old actually loved picking up piles of leaves that I had raked up and loading them into his little wheelbarrow. But maybe he’s just a weirdo. Time will tell. 

Small boy pushes leaves in wheelbarrow- ways to make leaf raking fun

2. Play games. As you rake, be sure to embrace all the fun things along the way. Let the kids jump in piles of leaves. Heck, you may even feel so inclined to join them. If you use a tarp or wheelbarrow, let the kids go for rides on them. Or turn it into a challenge to see who can pick up the most leaves. I’ve even seen people create some awesome mazes in their leaves for the kids to run through!

3. Invite friends and family over to help. This is key for several reasons. First, almost any mundane activity automatically gets better when you do it with a group of people. Secondly, the task gets accomplished much quicker when you have an army of helpers. However, they probably have leaves of their own to rake at home, so you may have to bribe them…which leads me to number 4. 

4. Have a fire afterward. Once the work is finished, hang out by a warm fire and relax while getting cozy together. Then you have another fun thing to look forward to after raking leaves. Here are more ideas for the ultimate fall fire!

Small boy sits in chair in front of fire- ways to make leaf raking fun

5. Have food and beverages. Basically, make a party out of it. Nothing says leaf raking fun like getting to eat afterward. My extended family has done this for the past 19 years and it’s a great time! Once raking is finished, we set out chili, hot dogs, pies, and s’mores materials and eat around the fire together. It’s become a tradition that I look forward to each year!

How does your family make leaf raking fun? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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