6 Easy Ways to Get Outside on Black Friday

Hey! Coming at ya early because I figured you might be a little busy later this week 😉 I wanted to go over some easy ways to opt outside with kids this Black Friday! Now, I won’t be extreme and say you can’t do some shopping…but consider some of these super easy ways that you can also spend some time outdoors with your kids this Black Friday:

1. Play a family game of tag football. This one could even be done on Thanksgiving day while you’ve got enough extra family members around to really make a good game. And what a great way to get out and use up some of the energy from all that food you just consumed!

2. Go for a hike. I know, I know…….EVERYONE suggests this one. But that’s because it’s so versatile that almost anyone can make it work for them! When Finn was just three months old, we visited some family in Ohio for Thanksgiving. That Friday we decided to take advantage of being in a new location and explore some of the trails in the Hocking Hills area. We popped the little guy in his puffy suit, strapped him in our ergo baby carrier, and went on our way! It was sooo nice to get out in the fresh air and new scenery after a long day of driving and indulging in a variety of food indoors. 

3. Go to the playground. Guaranteed you’ll basically have the place to yourself. And it’s a great way for kids to get out and run off some of that extra energy! 

4. Set up a hammock. Head to a nearby park or set up in your own backyard. Make sure to bring the blankets, then get in and get cozy while snuggling, reading, or even napping outside. 

5. Go for a walk around your neighborhood. You really don’t need to do anything extravagant to get outside. If a simple walk around the block is what you can manage, that’s better than nothing at all. And chances are, you can do some Christmas light peeping while you’re at it!

6. Visit a Christmas tree farm. Picking out your Christmas tree is a great way to get outside (for those of you who actually waited this long to put it up)! Even if you don’t actually buy a real tree for your home, it’s still a beautiful place to visit. Another option is to decorate any trees you might have outside in your yard! Finn particularly enjoys helping his grandma decorate the little pine trees on the hill in her backyard.

How do you like to opt outside with kids on Thanksgiving and Black Friday?

Let me know in the comments below!

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