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Kid’s Gardening Ideas and Free Garden Planning Printable

I love winter, but we’ve had a few especially dreary weeks over here. When there’s not much snow and everything is gray and soggy, it’s hard not to look forward to spring. Why not start planning your garden? It’s definitely not too soon to start thinking about it, especially if you’re starting some seedlings indoors!

This may be something you normally do on your own, but why get the kids involved in some of the planning? Perhaps they might even get their own little gardening plot that will be completely theirs to care for! My three-year-old LOVES to help with any and all tasks around the house, indoors and out. Whenever he gets bored playing with his toys, we simply invite him along to help out with whatever tasks we actually have to do.

He learns so much this way! And I’m pretty sure he’ll absolutely love having his own garden area to play in and take care of in the spring. But first things first…garden planning! Just think how much more invested your kids will feel if they’re involved in the process from the very beginning!

Kid’s Gardening Ideas:

  • If possible, let them have their own garden bed or area to plan and care for.
  • Let each child look through the seeds options and choose the ones they’d like to grow in their bed. If you’re not sure where to get seeds, we personally love all the options from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds!
  • Let them draw out their own plan for their garden bed on a piece of paper. Or, if you have a younger child who wants to do this, draw it out for them as they describe what they’d like to do.
  • Get creative with the garden area to make it a truly fun space for the kids! I love the idea of this bean pole teepee or this sunflower house!
  • Have your younger kids try this garden planning printable that I made for my own little guy!
  • And don’t forget about autumn! Check out this ultimate guide on how to plant a fall garden!
Kid's Gardening Ideas
I cut out some of the different pictures of vegetables, and he glued the ones he liked onto his own “garden”.

It’s such a beneficial thing for kids to be out in the garden and watch things grow as a result of their hard work! And the more involved they are in the process, the more likely they will grow to love it. Have fun with this activity and with all your garden planning endeavors! I hope these kid’s gardening ideas gave you the nudge you needed to get excited about gardening with your kids!

Grab the printable below!

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