Holloween Activities For Kids

Halloween Activities for Kids: 3 Magical Potions to Concoct!


It’s officially spooky season, and I’ve been looking for some great Halloween activities for kids for the past month (because I’m a crazy person)! With a lot of our typical Halloween activities being cancelled, it seemed even more necessary to fill in the blanks with some of our own festivities this year.

One my favorite Halloween activities for kids that I thought of was to do some imaginative play and brew up some potions! There are so many different fun options that your kids are sure to love! Here are three different concoctions that you and the kids can enjoying creating together!

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1. Nature Potions

halloween activities for kids, cauldron filled with flower petals and other nature items

My little guy LOVES playing with water and pretending to mix up different “experiments”, as he calls them. He’s also really into magic right now after my husband showed him some David Blaine videos 😂. Of all the Halloween activities for kids that came to mind, I figured this would be one of his favorites!

a. Gather your supplies.

If you have younger kids that want to do an activity literally the moment you mention it, I would recommend providing some sort of distraction while you set it up. Once everything is ready to go, bring them over and let them go for it! If your kids are a bit older, have them help gather up the ingredients that they’ll use.

Here are some of the items we collected, plus some additional ideas:

  • large bowl/cauldron
  • stirring stick
  • assortment of jars and containers
  • pebbles
  • moss/lichens
  • berries
  • flower petals
  • leaves
  • juniper berries (any interesting spice will do, such as cloves, allspice, etc.)
  • roots
  • seed pods
  • water with food coloring added

As you collect your items, put each ingredient in its own jar or container. If you want to go the extra mile, add labels and come up with creative names for each item. For example, pebbles are bat bladders and berries are beetle eyes, and so on and so forth.

halloween activities for kids, close up of jars filled with nature ingredients for potion mixing
halloween activities for kids, close up of jars filled with nature ingredients for potion mixing

b. Set up your brewing area.

This is one of the Halloween activities for kids that is best done outside as we’re working with water and possibly mud. I wanted to make this one extra fun by setting the scene a little bit to add to the spooky vibe. And kids really do love all those extra touches that provide extra scope for the imagination!

halloween activities for kids, young boy at table with cauldron and bottles of ingredients for potion mixing

We bought this inexpensive black cauldron for mixing our potion. I figured we could get extra use out of it at Halloween, and it seemed much more fun than a regular old bowl from the kitchen. I also added some tree stumps, flameless candles, spiders, webs, and black gauzy cloth to the mixing area. Feel free to get creative with this!

Last, add water or mud to your cauldron and have them start mixing everything in! As I predicted, my four-year-old boy loved this activity! He was so excited when he saw the table all set up! He also had a ton of fun adding in all the different ingredients. And in case you were wondering, ours ended up being a disappearing potion😄

halloween activities for kids, close up of cauldron filled with flower petals, berries, and leaves

If your kids happen to have any Harry Potter garb or other witch/wizard-like ensemble, have them put that on! Because the best Halloween activities for kids involve costumes! They can even pretend to be in herbology or potions class! Or if they’re a Hocus Pocus fan, have them pretend to be the Sanderson sisters. The possibilities are endless!

2. Slime

The next of our Halloween activities for kids is to create your own slime! I don’t know any kid who can resist playing with this stuff. Here’s a simple recipe to try with a spooky Halloween take!

3. Colorful Foaming Potions

For the last of our Halloween activities for kids, try some colorful foaming potions! This one uses the same principle of the erupting volcano that we all did in elementary science class. You just need baking soda, vinegar, and couple other items to make some colorful, fizzing foam. Check out how to do this super easy activity here!


And that’s it for our potions Halloween activities for kids! Have fun mixing up all of these different concoctions together and make the most of those little imaginations!

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