3 Easy DIY Bird Feeders For Kids!

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Now that winter is here and food can be scarce for animals, we thought it would be fun to decorate an outdoor tree with some easy DIY bird feeders for kids! This is something fun to do during the holidays but can also be saved for after the festivities have subsided.

No matter when you decide to do this activity, your feathered friends will appreciate it, and it’s a great opportunity for some bird watching! Each of these bird feeders are super simple and can be made with just a few ingredients.

Here are 3 easy DIY bird feeders for kids!

1. Apple Slice Bird Feeders

apple slice bird feeder hanging in tree

One of the easiest DIY bird feeders for kids involves taking apple halves and stuffing them full of peanut butter and bird seed. Here’s what you need:

Gather Supplies:

  • apples
  • peanut butter or lard
  • bird seed (this kind seems to work best for us)
  • twine
  • large nail

What To Do:

Cut your apple in half. Using a spoon, dig out the core of the apple to create a hollowed-out space. Then, stick the nail through at the top to create a hole. String the twine through and tie it in a loop for hanging.

diy bird feeders for kids- apple half with core carved out

If your kids are younger, you might want to do this bit of prep before they get involved. This step is a bit tricky and it’s probably best to have the apples ready to fill once your kids have been invited to help.

This way they’re able to get involved right away rather than sitting around losing interest while waiting for the apples to be ready.

In a bowl, mix together peanut butter (or lard) with birdseed. Have your kids spoon the mixture into the center of the apples until all of them have been filled. Once that’s finished, you’re ready to head outside!

finished apple bird feeder filled with peanut butter and bird seed

2. Pine Cone Bird Feeders

pine cone covered with peanut butter and bird seed

Pine cone feeders are one of the absolute easiest DIY bird feeders for kids to make! You only need a few supplies, and you may even be able to collect some of them out in your yard or neighborhood! Here’s what you need:

Gather Supplies:

What To Do:

First, tie your twine in a loop on top of the pine cones. It’s not fun trying to do this after the peanut butter is already on, so make sure to do this first!

Next, spread peanut butter or lard onto the pine cones with a knife or spoon. Don’t be afraid to put it on thick!

pine cone covered in peanut butter

Pour your birdseed into a bowl. Have your kids take the peanut butter covered pine cones and roll them in the bowls of birdseed until they’re completely coated.

Do this until they’re all finished, then head outside to hang them up!

3. Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders

These DIY bird feeders for kids are a little more complicated because they require a little bit of mixing and waiting. But they’re still fairly simple and fun to make! Find out how to make cookie cutter bird feeders here!

Tips For Decorating The Tree

Now that your DIY bird feeders for kids are finished, it’s time to head outside and decorate the tree! Feel free to add some other decorations to your tree as well. We did cranberry garlands and orange slices.

When you hang your feeders, make sure there’s a place on nearby branches for the birds to stand and access the food.

small boy hanging bird feeder on tree

Also, if you want the birds to be the ones who actually get the food, hang everything a little higher on the tree. Deer and woodchucks get hungry too and may just assume you left this feast for them. 

This may mean that younger kids need a boost to reach higher spots on the tree. Our little guy loved getting to climb the ladder (while we held on) to hang some of the bird feeders in higher spots!

We also added cranberry + popcorn garlands and orange slices to our tree, mostly for decorative purposes. Feel free to spruce up your tree as well!

pine tree outside decorated with cranberries, oranges, and bird feeders


Once you’re finished, enjoy watching all the birds arrive at your tree. It may take them a little while to discover the feast you’ve left for them, so make sure to keep an eye out for the next couple of days.

If you’re curious about some of the feathery friends arriving in your yard, grab a bird identification field guide to identify some of them with the kids!

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