5 Nature Inspired Easter Crafts For Kids

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Who else has fun memories of dying eggs for Easter every year? Small traditions like these mean so much to kids and they remember little things like that for the rest of their lives! Now that I’m the parent and get to plan all things holiday for the family, I love finding extra Easter crafts to do on top of dying eggs!

Maybe it’s a bit much, but you’re only a kid once, right? Except when you’re a parent and you kinda get to do it all over again and live vicariously through your kids experiencing all the things (but I digress).

My son and love doing seasonal crafts for every holiday and then decorating the house with them afterwards! We also love incorporating nature and getting outside to gather materials before we start the craft, so it’s a win win! So if you’re looking for some additional Easter crafts to do this year or some non-traditional ways to decorate eggs, here are 5 ideas!

1. Nature Eggs

The first on our list of Easter crafts is a fun, non-traditional (but still gorgeous) way to decorate some Easter eggs! It’s also a great way to get the kids outside since you need to collect some nature materials before you get started!



  1. Head out on a little nature walk and collect ferns, flowers, pebbles, leaves, twigs, etc. Anything that catches their fancy!
  2. Cut out egg shapes from some extra cardboard boxes or cardstock paper. If your kids are younger, I found that it was helpful to draw some designs on a few of the eggs for guidance (stripes, polka dots, etc.) in addition to leaving a few blank to see what he came up with on his own.
  3. Depending on how large or heavy your items are, use glue or double sided tape to add your nature items to the eggs!

2. Bird Nest

Since spring is the time when birds are getting ready to lay their eggs, it only makes sense that one of our Easter crafts would be bird nests! This is actually a great STEAM activity, a fun way to learn about birds, AND a fun craft all in one!



  1. If your kids are a little younger, get them started with the structure of the nest by shaping the pipe cleaners for them.
  2. Tuck and weave the moss, ribbons, and more pipe cleaners horizontally across the nest to close in the gaps.
  3. If you want, make a bowl of play dough and fit it inside the nest to solidify the structure (like birds do with mud!)
  4. Your nests are finished! Have your kids pretend to be a bird and try to find a safe place for their nests. Talk about the things birds have to consider, like proximity to nest materials, food, water, and protection from the elements and predators. Finally, place some eggs inside to see if the nests hold up!

3. Eggshell Candles

These are one of my newest discoveries in the realm of Easter crafts, and they’re soooo gorgeous! For this one, you’re actually utilizing old eggshells (which are beautiful, although you don’t really think about it in the process of making scrambled eggs for breakfast). Try these more natural looking beeswax ones or these pretties with dyed wax.

4. Cardboard Bunnies

Although it’s easy to get carried way with eggs, I did want at least one bunny idea for our Easter crafts! And if you want feedback from an actual kid, these are “the easiest crafts we’ve ever done!” My son and I had fun making these together, and I especially love the adorably creepy faces he drew on his 😂



  1. Cut out cardstock into bunny face shapes and draw on faces with a sharpie.
  2. Glue on rose petals for the pink spots on bunny’s ears.
  3. Glue on cotton balls wherever desired. (We used both whole cotton balls and ripped up cotton ball pieces.)
  4. Cut a piece of ribbon that can be tied around bunny’s head. Place a piece of double sided tape onto the ribbon and decorate by pressing on dried flowers and feathers.
  5. Tie finished ribbons around bunny’s head, and you’re all finished! We taped ours to a piece of string and hung them up as a garland.

5. Wooden Eggs

Easter crafts- wooden eggs decorated with pressed flowers sitting in a moss filled egg carton.

If you’re looking for Easter crafts suitable for older kids or teens, these wooden eggs are perfect! Because of how delicate pressed flowers can be, they didn’t end up being a great fit for my little guy. I, on the other hand, enjoyed it very much! The other great thing about these is that they can be used year after year for decor!



  1. Place wooden eggs in a base of play dough to hold them in place while you decorate.
  2. Dab mod podge onto eggs and press on flowers wherever you’d like.
  3. Paint a layer of mod podge over each flower to hold it in place. Once all flowers are in place, make sure there is a layer of mod podge covering the entire egg. (Don’t worry, it’ll dry completely clear!)
  4. Let the top dry and do the same with bottom.
  5. Once they’re finished, display them! We placed ours in an egg carton with moss and it looked quite lovely and spring-ish!

I hope you enjoy making these Easter crafts as much as my son and I did! Want more spring nature crafts and activities? Check out 4 fun things you can do with dandelions or these mud faces!

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