Mud Play: Make these Adorable Tree Faces!

Mud play is one of our favorite things to do in the springtime! If given the chance, all kids are instinctively good at mud pies. Maybe you’ve even seen some of the awesome mud kitchen ideas floating around. This week, we were looking for something a little bit different to do with our mud. So we created these hilarious mud faces on one of our trees!

My little guy had already been playing with mud for a couple hours. I could tell he was on the verge of suggesting we go inside and needed a new idea. He was instantly intrigued when I took one of our mud pies, slapped it on a tree, and started sticking things onto it. Boom! Another few hours of entertainment right there.

It was so fun to watch him make theses and see how the faces came out! And, of course, I couldn’t resist making a few myself. If you and your littles are in need of some new mud play ideas (or outdoor play ideas in general), here’s how we made these!

Make mud!

The first thing you need is obviously mud. We have quite a few bare patches of dirt in our backyard that I’ve been letting the little guy dig in. Maybe I’ll regret it someday when I actually want to start planting grass seed. But for now, it works! We also have an old garden bed for digging up some good dirt.

If there isn’t dirt in your yard and you’re not a fan of the kids digging up the lawn, perhaps there’s one hidden spot you wouldn’t mind dedicating to digging. Otherwise, you can always buy some bagged garden soil or compost. Then, just add water!

Mixing the dirt and water to get just the right consistency of mud is where it starts to get really fun (and messy)! You want it to be just firm enough to hold its shape, but not so gloppy that it slides off the tree after you slap it on. Once you’ve got your mud, it’s time to gather some nature bits for decorating.

Gather some nature materials for your mud play!

We walked around the yard and collected whatever we could find. We don’t have an abundance of stuff that’s blooming or growing yet, but we were still able to find enough for faces. Some of our materials included pebbles, evergreen clippings, grass, nut shells, flowers, sprouts, and helicopter seedlings.

Make your faces!

Once you have all of your nature materials collected, make your mud pies! Make sure the consistency is firm enough to shape the mud but wet enough to stick to the tree and hold all of your nature pieces. Take your mud pies and slap them onto a tree!

Now it’s time to start making the faces! Let your kids get creative and see what they come up with! I have to admit that I also had fun doing this myself 😀 And I also couldn’t believe how long this simple idea entertained us. Isn’t mud play the best?

Mud face on a tree: mud play

During our mud play, we had fun putting these faces on trees in our front yard to look out on the road in addition to one that stared right into our dining room window that we could see every time we ate. Depending on how much rain you get and the consistency of your mud, these have the potential to last a really long time!

I hope you have as much fun making these faces as we did! If you want even more mud play ideas, check out more awesome ideas here!

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