Beautiful Nature Valentine Craft For Kids

I wouldn’t say I’m big on Valentine’s Day or anything, but I still wanted to come up with a Valentine craft for kids to make it feel special! And in the dead of winter, you kinda need something to look forward to, ya know? And how could I say no to a world of crafting opportunities!? After a bit of brainstorming, I came up with the perfect Valentine craft for kids! It’s simple, pretty, and super versatile!

Once you finish making these nature hearts, you can turn them into your own DIY Valentine’s Cards, a pretty heart garland to decorate your home, or magical heart wands for the kids to play with! Here’s what you need for this Valentine craft for kids. (We didn’t use all of the items listed, but I wanted to include other ideas that would work as well!)



  1. Draw hearts onto cardboard and cut them out. (We did two different sizes for a variety.)
  2. Paint a thick layer of mod podge onto the cardboard hearts and sprinkle with nature pretties!
  3. Let mod podge dry. If you want to prevent a lot of the items from falling off, feel free to paint another layer over top once the first coat dries. It’ll dry clear and have a nice sheen to it. Plus, they’ll last much longer and can be used year after year!

Once they’re finished, there are plenty of ways to use this Valentine craft for kids! Check it out below to see a couple things we did with ours.

Heart Garland

valentine craft for kids- nardboard hearts with rose petals and other nature glued on

We made these heart garlands by hot gluing loops onto the back of our hearts and stringing them plus some wooden beads onto a string! This garland looks lovely displayed in the house around Valentine’s day.

Heart Wands

We also made wands with our hearts! These could make good Valentines to give away or to hang onto for your own kids to play with. Hot glue long, straight sticks to the back of the hearts (we used willow). Finish it off with a bow of ribbon and twine at the base of the heart!

I hope you and yours enjoy this Valentine craft for kids as much as we did! My little guy really enjoyed helping me glue all the bits on and waving his wand around while performing spells. 😂

If you’re looking for even more kid’s Valentine craft ideas, here are some of my favorites:

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