Pretty and Simple Nature Necklace Craft

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Each year when March hits, everyone’s focus shifts to spring. The problem is, our weather here in Michigan doesn’t quite get the memo until around May. What’s a person supposed to do when they want all the flowers and pretty colors now? They go out and buy some pre-pressed flowers from Amazon and make this nature necklace, that’s what!

I love nature crafts, especially those that actually have a purpose once you’re finished making them. This is something that your kids will actually want to keep and continue to wear afterward! And if you have boys who may not be keen on making necklaces, fret not!

You don’t necessarily have to use flowers; any kind of foliage will do! And rather than a nature necklace, these can be made into key chains or attached to a backpack with a carabiner. When they’re finished, these would also make amazing gifts! Perhaps something for grandma on mother’s day, handmade by the little ones.

If you’d like to create a floral nature necklace of your own, follow along below!

Gather your supplies.

Here’s everything you’ll need from your house for this nature necklace craft:

Head outside and gather your nature materials.

One of my favorite things about this nature necklace is that you get to go outside and hunt for materials! Head outside with some scissors and a collecting bag of some sort. Let the kids snip whatever intrigues them. Or, if it’s not flower season, you can always grab these gorgeous pre-pressed flowers from Amazon!

Keep in mind the size of the wood slices as you do do. Aim for smaller, flatter flowers and other pieces of foliage as those will fit better and be more likely to stay in place. Also, it never hurts to grab more than you think you’ll need in case some of things you gather don’t work out.

Press the flowers flat.

If you happen to have a flower press, great! This is a wonderful time to use it. Otherwise, a few heavy books should do the trick. Get a couple pieces of paper to press your flowers between so they don’t stain the pages of the book. Lay one piece of paper on top of a page inside the book, then arrange your nature pieces on top. Place the second piece of paper on top and gently close the book.

Place a few more heavy books on top and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. You can wait even longer if you have the patience, but I found that half an hour was good enough for me.

Glue the flowers onto the wood slices!

Now that everything is ready to go, it’s time to start gluing! Don’t be afraid to use too much modge podge for this step! In this case, kid’s tendency to glop things on too thick really isn’t a bad thing. It’ll dry clear, and it’ll help hold things in place, especially if you have some thicker items.

First, paint a layer of modge podge on your wood slab. Then arrange your flowers and foliage on top. That first layer will help things stick in place. Don’t be afraid to do more than one thing on each slab and play around with overlapping. Once everything is where you want it, paint your second layer of modge podge on top of the flowers.

nature craft: small wood slices with flowers laid on top and glue painted over them.
This is what the slices look like once you paint a thick layer of modge podge on top.

Assemble the necklace.

Let them sit long enough to dry, then trim off any overhanging edges. There should be a nice, clear finish over top of the flowers. Now it’s time to attach the jump rings onto the wood slices. Chances are, the modge podge dried on top of the hole on the wood slice, so you might need to get a needle to poke the hole open again.

nature craft: small wood slices with pressed flowers for necklace-making.
Trimming up after the modge podge dries!

Use some needle-nose pliers to open to jump rings, place them through the hole on the wood slabs, and close them back up. Next, measure the cord and trim off a length that can easily be pulled on and off your child’s head once it’s tied. Thread the cord though the jump ring and tie it off with a tight knot.

nature craft: pliers holding open jump ring to attach to wood slab.
Open the jump ring wide enough to fit through the hole in the wood slice.
nature craft: attaching jump ring onto wood slab.
Place jump ring through hole in the wood slice, then close it back up with the pliers.

That’s it! Your kiddos now have their very own nature necklace to wear around proudly or give as a gift! This is one of my favorite nature craft ideas that I’ve tried thus far! Admittedly, my own three-year-old boy wasn’t a great test subject for this one. But I tried it with a friend’s girls who are a little older and they absolutely loved it!

nature craft: finished wood slice necklaces with pressed flowers on leather cord.

Have you and your family have just as much fun as I did creating your own nature necklace masterpieces! If you’re looking for more crafts with flowers, try out these other ideas!

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