9 Beautiful Christmas Decorations to Make with Nature

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One tradition I’ve always embraced is making my own Christmas decorations. Don’t get me wrong; I’ll buy some things from the store as well. But since my decor taste already leans to the natural side, it makes sense for me to go out and gather my own evergreen, birch, and berries rather than paying for them.

It’s actually quite amazing how many Christmas decorations you can make with simple items from nature. (Not to mention all the money you can save by doing it this way!) It’s also a great way to slow down during the holiday rush and head outside with your kids to gather all of these items.

The stores can be exciting during the holidays (if you’re into large crowds of people and the constant, overwhelming push to buy more things 😉). All snarkiness aside, I do enjoy it at times. But it’s also so nice to make time for calming walks out in nature to trim some evergreen while a peaceful snow falls around me.

So if you’d like to adorn your home with some natural Christmas decorations this year, here are 9 ideas to try!

1. Evergreen and berry bouquets

basket filled with cedar clippings to use for christmas decorations

Its amazing what a few vases and jars filled with greenery and scattered around can do for a space! It’s also one of the easiest ways to incorporate natural Christmas decorations in your home. For me, it’s as simple as heading out into the yard and pruning our overlarge cedar and yew bushes.

My parents also generally have trimmings to spare that they share with me. If you don’t have bushes of your own or access to forest where you can forage, there’s a decent chance your friends, family members, or neighbors do! A lot of them would probably be plenty willing to let you come over and trim up their bushes a bit!

My little guy loves to use the clippers and is always more than willing to help me trim. Get your little ones involved and head outside to find your own Christmas greenery, then let them help make arrangements back at the house! It may seem simple, but they’ll likely have fond memories of times like these for the rest of their lives!

2. Orange slice and evergreen garlands

dried orange and grapefruit slices

This combination makes for some of the prettiest Christmas decorations! I personally like to use a combination of grapefruit and oranges for some size and color variety. On your next trip to the grocery store, stock up on some citrus.

We happen to have a dehydrator, so we sliced up our fruit and let it hang out in there for 24 hours. If not, you can also dry your orange slices in the oven at a low temperature. Here’s how. Once they’re finished, string them up on a garland by themselves, mix them with some greenery, or hang them up as ornaments on the Christmas tree.

3. Pine cone decor

pine cone and ribbon garland- christmas decorations

There are so many Christmas decorations you can make with pine cones, and they’re literally just laying around everywhere, ripe for the plucking. My little guy loves helping me collect pine cones, so make sure to recruit your kiddos to help you on this one.

Small boy making pine cone Christmas decorations

Once you’ve gathered a bunch, it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with them! I’ve made garlands, tree ornaments, and mini Christmas trees with pine cones. I don’t want to say that the possibilities are endless, buuuuuttt…they pretty much are.

4. Wood slice ornaments

wood slab ornament with moose hanging on christmas tree

Wood slabs can make adorable and rustic Christmas decorations, and I especially like how they look on the tree. They’re also super easy. Cut your own off of branches from the yard, or purchase some that are ready to go with the holes already drilled if you’re short on time.

After that comes the fun part of decorating them! We used some forest animal stamps on ours, but you could decorate them any way you want. Then, string a piece of twine through and they’re ready for the tree!

5. Twig trees and star

I love twig projects because you can make beautiful things with such a simple (not to mention abundant) material. And they obviously lend themselves quite well to Christmas decorations. A couple ideas to get you started are these little twig Christmas trees or a star tree topper made of sticks.

The best part is that all you have to do is head out into the yard and pick up sticks that have fallen from the trees. (And by you I mean your kids 😉). Which, if your yard is anything like ours, you probably already have to do on a regular basis anyway!

Might as well put all those twiggies to good use and turn them into adorable Christmas decorations!

6. Birch log accents

basket with birch logs and greenery next to fireplace

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely LOVE birch and the way it looks. There’s just something so magical about the creamy white color and the papery texture. And while it’s quite common in Michigan, I unfortunately don’t see many birch trees in my particular city.

Luckily, some friends who had to cut their tree down came through for me. If you live in a place where birch is abundant, take a walk through the woods with the kiddos and harvest some fallen branches to add to your Christmas decorations. I love piling them up in baskets in and outside of our home!

7. Clay ornaments with nature

I love this idea for clay ornaments decorated with pine needles! It looks like a super simple project for kids and the results are really gorgeous!

8. Tree Branches

Along the same line as the twig ideas above, larger branches can also be used to make wonderful Christmas decorations! Think of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, but just a little more dressed up. A few branches arranged in a vase (much like our thankful tree) and hung with some colorful bulbs can look quite nice!

This year, I tried something new with branches and added them throughout our Christmas tree to make it look a bit fuller, and I really liked the result. I also glued some pine cones onto the branches to add to the effect.

Close up of Christmas tree ornaments

9. Grapevine garland

The Christmas tree just doesn’t quite look complete without a garland of some sort. If you enjoy a rustic sort of look to your Christmas decorations, why not try wrapping your tree with grapevine? This is another wonderfully abundant material that looks so lovely when brought inside.

Check here to see how pretty a tree wrapped in grapevine can look when it’s finished!


If you’re looking to add a more natural touch to your Christmas decorations and spend some time outside with your kids in the process, these ideas are the perfect solution.

It’s so satisfying to make your own decorations using simple materials from nature. And when you look around your home, you’ll have a constant reminder of the memories you made gathering and creating together!

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